NASA TLX Workload (HTML)

Keith Vertanen provides a one page NASA TLX HTML+JavaScript version, which is really handy if you want to translate it and run it online. You can download it here Thanks, Keith.

Update: I've added a User ID and Timestamp to Keith's original version. Comes in handy if you do user testing. You can find it here.


Ljubljana is a beautiful town. This picture shows a view from the castle, which towers over the old city centre. The look and feel is a bit like Prague but with less tourists. Not that I have anything against tourists being one myself. The weather is perfect with a steady 30-35 C. Luckily the lab's air conditioned. We almost finished writing the experimental plan and if everything goes according to plan we'll start running experiments next week. I can't wait to see the first results - I'll keep you posted!

Dissertation submitted!

Finally, after 4 years of research I submitted my thesis: A Holistic Design Concept for Eyes-Free Mobile Interfaces. You can download it here (12.5 MB).