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I'm back from my visit to Finland where I worked with Kai Puolamäki and his Ph.D. student Hannes Gamper. Seriously cool people. We ran a study on multiple audio source discrimination, that is if you play multiple sound sources (mono or binaural) how much onset difference is required so people can still discriminate sources and detect specific sources, how does the total number of sound sources effect the results, is there a difference between speech and non-speech sound, do "distractor" sounds have an influence, etc.
We gathered a huge amount of data from 22 participants and are just about to write everything up.

Travel advise: Visit Finland in summer, not in autumn or winter. Oh, and summer starts in July and ends in August.

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  1. Wow,that sounds very cool! I should have heard more about your research when you were still in Finland!
    Greeting from 'the Finland in Sept'!