Auditory Interfaces for Mobile Devices

Now for download: Jaka, my colleague from the University of Ljubljana, and I have written an entry on 'Auditory Interfaces for Mobile Devices' in the Encyclopedia of Wireless and Mobile Communications.
It's a nice little overview of mobile auditory interfaces, speech, non-speech, interface metaphors, special interest interfaces etc.

MobileHCI 2010

We are very happy that our paper has been accepted.

The paper titled "Foogue: Eyes Free Interaction for Smartphones" will soon be available for download here.

HCI 2010

"Talk to me: The Influence of Audio Quality on the Perception of Social Presence" has been accepted as full paper at HCI 2010 in Dundee, Scotland.

The paper will be available for download on the publications page soonish.

Geektool + AppleScript

Here's a little script I've written for Geektool, a fine little app to display information on the desktop.
You can get the whole shebang here.

This is the script:

global output

tell application "System Events"
set myList to (name of every process)
end tell

if (myList contains "Cog") is true then
tell application "Cog"
if (exists artist of the currententry) then
set this_artist to (get artist of the currententry)
set this_artist to " ?"
end if
if (exists title of the currententry) then
set this_title to (get title of the currententry)
set this_title to "dunno"
end if
end tell
set output to "currently playing: " & this_title & " by " & this_artist

set output to "Cog not running"
end if
do shell script "echo " & quoted form of output