Project: Elevator interface

Touch screens are widely used, in mobile phones, laptops, on information displays of all kinds ... and they will come to elevators, too. Houses are getting higher and higher and "button space" is limited. And of course you can place nice adds on the screens while you transport people. I've looked at how such an interface could look like. Below you can see two prototypes I've made to run a small study on. They were displayed on a huge touch screen in an elevator simulator. But I've shrunk them for you. Click "read more" to see demos.

It comes to no surprise that some people might have problems with this. Blind or sight impaired people, for example. Or children who can tell in which segment no. 34 is (because they can't count that far yet).

This here might be a solution to fix the children-bug, but it won't help sight impaired users. Therefore I recommended to add a tactile keypad in a position that's also reachable by people in wheelchairs.

I'm curious to see how they will be designed in the end. I think it's a tough challenge.

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