Project: Augmented Reality Guide

Last year I attended the IPCity Summer School in Vienna.

We've had three days to develop an Edutainment application based on the TimeWarp project developed by Fraunhofer FIT.

This is a quick hack for an augmented reality guide. The idea was to create an immersive experience based on the story of Sisi (or rather her ghost). The user becomes a ghostbuster and has to collect items for Sisi's gost. The items are scattered all over Vienna and can be detected with a special (gadget) device (like all serious ghostbusters own). When the user enters the "hot zone" and comes close to one of the items, the local audio theme starts playing. Sound themes are atmospheric and set the mood for the next encounter with Sisi's gost and/or the nearby item.

The docu is a bit trashy as we had only three days for designing, coding, implementing, video shooting, editing, and ... having discussions with the makeup artist.

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